Keyspan DMR REM Editor

This web page edits REM configuration files used by the Keyspan Digital Media Remote (DMR) software.

The LIRC to Keyspan Converter that used to be here is still available. I may eventually incorporate its funtion into this editor.

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Paste a Keyspan remote description (REM file) into the box below and click "Parse REM" to enter editing mode.

Samples: Alpine RUE-4187 (NEC); Denon RC-841 (Sharp); JVC RM-RXUT200R; Keyspan REM17B (Remotec); Selectra 603 (IR 60)



The Keyspan DMR documentation says the receiver can detect JVC VCR remotes, but really it can detect more than that. The difficult and tedious part is getting the protocol codes in Keyspan's REM format for the specific remote you want to use.

This editor presents the settings from a REM file in a format that is easier (not easy) to understand and modify than the REM file.


The editor requires scripting (JavaScript) to be enabled.

For some Sharp VCR remotes, the button table will display two entries for every button on the remote. I am aware that this could be simplified, but I am burned out, so I will leave it for later rather than cooking up a half-hearted solution now.

I wish there were buttons to shift one bit at a time between Prefix/Code and Code/Suffix, but I just can't go on right now.


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